Resources in managing pain

Are medically prescribed Opioids killing Australians?
In 1996 Oxycontin a drug more powerful than Heroin hit the medical marketplace. It was touted as the cure for any pain, without addiction and without risk. Drug Companies have made many millions from this drug, at the cost of many deaths.
In 2018 we face an evolving crisis following America down a slippery slope, that will cost us our relatives, parents, sons, and daughters if we don’t change.
But change doesn’t start at the end of a Doctors Pen – it starts with understanding pain, understanding its necessity and better ways to treat it. It starts with opening your mind to alternatives such as physical activity, physical therapies, diet, stress management and lifestyle changes.
Almost daily people come to Emerald Medical Group in pain, having been prescribed oxycontin, and been disappointed that the conversation wasn’t what they wanted to hear and that they left without a prescription. Doctors have a duty of care to you that transcends any short-term contract you might perceive to prescribe a drug that you have demanded.
Other drugs such as Diazepam (Valium) and the Gabapentinoids (Lyrica and Pregabaline) have been proven to have almost no place in pain management. Medical Marijuana, for all the hype, has little evidence of benefit.
We are facing a serious crisis in rural Australian where more people suffer addiction to medically prescribed opioids than the rest of the country. Sometimes people have to live with pain, Oxycontin and other prescribed drugs don’t offer a long-term solution.
There are new treatments on the Horizon, but first, you must accept that salvation comes with understanding and acceptance that pain management is a journey, not a cure at the tip of your tongue.
Some Resources for Patients and Clinicians regards Chronic Pain Management (Thanks to Doc Paul):
Brainman series of Youtube 

Fantastic website and video explaining persisting pain, for patients: 

AFP pain management article:

NPS resources for chronic pain, including ͚pain management prescription template:

Excellent Australian site full of pain resources, including the ͞Explain Pain book. 

UK site: useful pain ͚toolkits͛: 

US site: great pain resources – 

The effect of language on pain experiences: 

Great summary article from a Melb-based pain specialist: 

ABC article on chronic pain myths: 

Explanation of central sensitisations͛ role on chronic pain:

Article on how our thoughts influence our pain: 

More patient information: 

AFP article on the inherited chronic pain patient: 

Excellent site with great pain management patient resources: 

Online pain management programs for patients:…/courses/chronic-pain/ costs $60 to enroll and needs a ͞prescription from GP; a comprehensive program developed in conjunction with the St Vincent’s Pain Clinic. available free; consists of 5 lessons and guidance through those lessons from a Macquarie University based virtual clinic psychologist

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